agentcommando (agentcommando) wrote in forevernever,

My days without you

By Javier Falcon

Many say that I have changed,
that I am not the one they saw before.
Others say that somehow I have softened,
that the gleam of love is apparent in my eyes.
But all I can say is that without you I feel pain,
as you were my heart's only remedy.

My days without you are just gray,
a storm which ever so slightly rips me apart.
they're a wound that kills me inside.
My days without you are a nightmare,
that reminds me every day of my life,
how much I was focused on loving you.

My days without you are just full of pain,
as the hole in my heart which erupts my love for you,
only grows bigger as I see you from afar.
My days without you are the only bitter,
they demonstrate that the space you left can't be filled,
that every girl which passes by is just a fake image of you.

My days without you are those of a wanderer,
searching for the person they once loved,
trying to find the last piece of their puzzle.
My days without you are one's of loneliness,
with a heart which only lone to be with you,
suffering in depth and keeping a mind saved for you.

Days in which music is the only consoler,
yet music is what makes me think of you.
All the great moments and memories by your side,
never to regret one single instant with you, makes
my days with you the one's which the sun only shines on us,
as I wish to take you in my arms and walk into the horizon.
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