Melanie (i_like_john12) wrote in forevernever,

Guardian Angel  

You flashed me a smile
On the first day we met
A grin so bright and charming
An image I will never forget

My heart was aching with absence
Each day I was convinced of despair
In my life is where you stayed
My heart was yours to repair

You wiped the tears from my eyes
Like no one else before
The affection simply melts my heart away
Engraving hope into me once more

In the shadows of darkness is where I’d be
If you weren’t the angel sent from above
Sent here on a mission to save me
With your compassion and love

From the ground you picked me up
Held me close, and showed me the way
Promise to never let me go
In your arms I will always stay

Secrets and dreams we share together
Times of sadness and joyous we’ve been through
Dear friend of mine, please never forget
That I am always here for you
Mistakes followed by forgiveness 

There is a venomous sorrow
That I bear unwillingly
You’ve cast it upon me like a spell
Is this the end, time for farewell?

The grief creeps into my dreams
Injected in my veins like the blood that flows
Eating me away like a predator on prey
The pain does not cease, it worsens each day

Your eyes they somehow changed
You look at me with shame
I can’t bear to look at your pain
I am the only one to blame

I never imagined the intricacy    
The mistake would bring along
If only time could erase
Erase all that’s been wrong

I know you’re smile is a fraud
I know it’s just pretend
I am here to wipe your tears
Your broken heart I will amend

The whisper says to be strong
It says to keep holding on
So you I will never let go
Like the stars that shine upon

The words you spoke that night
“I want to go back to before”
They will scar my heart for long
Hurting me forever more

Shinning high, hope is near
As our ache starts to fade
Maybe there is a chance
No more need to be afraid

Darling dear we will last
Put this moment in our past
Together we shall be
Once again, you and me

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