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"The Road"

 The Road
By Taylor Hellstrom

As I walk down the road
Covered with fog
I realize that I have no idea of where I go
I look behind and realize I know not where I was.

And yet, the road behind
is brighter than the road ahead
My mind races at the thought that I could rewind
But my steps keep plodding to the end.

It seems that my feet
Have an idea of my path
But my head has no speech,
The night is too black.

An unstoppable force
Pushes me toward my fate
Regardless of choice.
Still more roads diverge from my feet.

What lies beyond each turn
Is a mystery
Shadowed in fog.
Where am I going?

I try to slow my pace
But it seems like I cannot.
My feet keep wanting to race
into the darkness of the night

I drift from side to side
Because of the unsureness in my head
And yet my feet continue to slide
Onward toward my ultimate end.

I continue down the road
On into the endless night
Only this time the fog is gone
Ahead I see a shining light

It perplexes me,
Vexes me with why it decided to show
It is bright
This night, but what it is I do not know

Is it a glimmer of hope,
That I might know where I am going?
Or is it a joke,
Here today and gone in the morning?

As I look into the light,
Fear grips my heart.
And yet on this night,
Warmth seeps through the dark.

With the fog gone
I can see my steps behind,
See my every fall,
And the dust that made me blind

I look at my feet,
And I can see the mud.
I look at the street,
And I can see the path that I have trod.

When I look back,
I see another set of footprints
Following my same track
But with many more missteps

His prints are similar to mine
With the same gait of uncertainty
Do I follow them?
Did he know where he was going?

I look back to my pitfalls and errors
And all the mistakes I made
And I can see clear markers
Left by the man ahead

I look down the road
In front rather than behind
Should I follow this soul
Could he see where I am blind?

Did he see the light and rush to it
Or did he
Like me
Become hesitant.

Did he know what the light had in store?
Or did he realize that it was so much more?

I realize now that my feet won’t stop
They’ll keep around every bend
But will I follow the steps
Of the man ahead?

I continue down my path
My eyes facing ahead now
My steps a little stronger
In the realization
that the path is mine alone to follow

I need not worry of the ways of another
For my feet already know the way
Even though my head does not
I know I will walk anyway

The day has broken,
Sneaked up on me as I gazed down
And I know that though the night seems eternal
There will always be a dawn

My ears are filled
With the sounds of the day
And I hear more travelers
Walking their own way

In that small moment
I come to realize
That though I am alone
There will one day be one at my side

A fellow wanderer
To help me on my way
With whom I can share stories
Of when I went astray

And other tales
Of when times were good
And of my travels
And places that I stood

Because I know now
That I am the Walker
Destined to ever wander
Until the day I die

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