shadesbane901 (shadesbane901) wrote in forevernever,

Vengeance Prayer


Hey everyone, sorry to double post, but this is my second and last post for the night. Feel free to comment criticize, or complain.

We cannot be forsaken
for we have the favor no longer granted.

Our lineage written in blood and pain,
recorded in spoken memories…

There is no understanding from those without,
even those within doubt and claim no knowledge.
They knew the price when the First Blood was drawn,
now they cry for the mistake they willingly made.

There is no saving those who have lost themselves,
There is nothing left of them to save.
They are simply the hollowed remains of the once loved

They are the lost and forgotten, the living dead…

We had no place in the beginning,

can play no part in the end.
Only the blood will end this,
but the price that is asked, they will not pay.

What can be done to return the shades of those
who took what was not theirs to exploit.
They gave up their hope of peace and redemption,

Thrice they were offered the chance to fix the past,
thrice they simply covered it with lies and denials.
Nothing is owed to those murders and murderesses,

Let the blood run freely,

May every wound they have inflicted be returned,

Seven times Seven, in pain and torment.

Vengance is the domain of the jealous deities,

But justice and a punishment to equal the crimes,

This every mortal is free to ask, should their case prove just.

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